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WCAG PLAYER – digital accessibility for everyone, anytime, anywhere

WCAG PLAYER is an innovative and the only tool on the market that solves all problems of digital accessibility at the same time. 

Its uniqueness lies in the use of several commonly used solutions in one tool. As a result, WCAG PLAYER provides ease and intuitiveness of use. In addition, each of the options is equipped with the possibility of setting individual preferences. 

Click Play, find out what WCAG PLAYER is and try all the options yourself.

Act of April 4, 2019, on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. Certainly, each of us knows its content and is aware of what it obliges us to do. As individuals, institutions or private companies dealing with accessibility, we know how much effort is required to ensure it for everyone – from children to the elderly or the disabled. The group of people for whom we care about availability is really wide, and meeting their needs and expectations is not easy. From here, we would like to present you a solution that has been under development for over two years. As a Foundation, we focus mainly on the Deaf and hearing impaired,. Nevertheless, over the years of cooperation with various institutions, offices, ministries or even the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and President, we have gained experience and learned the main obstacles to the availability of virtually all excluded groups. 

Counteracting them, we wanted our experience and observations to find their embodiment in solving these problems. 

WCAG PLAYER ensures accessibility of the displayed material to everyone, through: 

  • Sign language interpreter with the ability to choose its location and size on the screen; 
  • Audio description (AD) available in 75 languages ​​*; 
  • Subtitles where you can choose and set: colour, transparency, scale, font size, character border styles, background colour, background transparency, window colour and transparency; 
  • translations available in 75 languages. 

In connection with the obligation resulting from the Act of April 4, 2019, on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities, we present a solution dedicated to:

  • government administration, 
  • local government units, 
  • public finance sector units,
  • business. 

If you want to learn more about WCAG, we encourage you to read: 

On the other side of the monitor, there’s someone who really needs this accessibility. Let’s give him her. Let’s do it together.

Joanna Huczyńska and Marlena Grabowska translate into sign language. The drawings were made by Klaudia Mizerska.

Live translation into sign language 

We translate during various meetings and conferences, meetings with the debates, as well as during court hearings, in the prosecutor’s office, at the police, and notary public. We also provide interpreters for groups around museums, exhibitions, galleries, cinemas and theatres. We organize individual translations for deaf people in a bank, shop or office.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Live translation into sign language - Deaf's World Foundation

Live translation into spoken language 

Wherever you need to be a voice for a deaf person, we are there and we will help you. Are you a deaf person who needs an interpreter or do you want to talk to a signer, but you don’t know how – contact us!

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Live translation into spoken language - Deaf's World Foundation

Translation of international conferences 

Translation from phonic English into Polish Sign Language – live.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Translation of international conferences - Deaf's World Foundation

Translation into international sign language 

Are deaf people in the audience, and in addition, they come from diferent countries? In this case, we translate into international sign language (IS).

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Translation into international sign language - Deaf's World Foundation

Recording of the translation into sign language of any content (movies, sports, text translation, etc.) 

Do you need material accessible to the deaf? Must meet WCAG 2.0 AA (AAA) standards, do you want/need to fulfil the provisions of the Digital Accessibility Act? 

You’ve come to the right place, we do it every day. We have a professional studio, talented translators and a lot of experience. We translate texts, spots, books, films, series and commercials. 

We work with the largest larger institutions, with governmental and non-governmental organizations, television and corporations. We have over 10 years of experience and only positive opinions about the services we provide.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Recording of any content translated into sign language - Deaf's World Foundation

Editing of video materials 

If the material is to be available, it means that it should have a sign language interpreter and subtitles that help not only the deaf but also the hearing impaired, seniors or people learning Polish. The available material should also have an audio description. Together with partners who devote themselves to other fields, supporting people with other disabilities, we can comprehensively prepare fully accessible material.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Editing of video materials - Deaf's World Foundation

Organizer support in terms of availability 

Are you preparing a concert, mass event, conference, gala or closed event? It will be a great idea to reach the widest possible audience and make the event available to everyone who is interested in. We can help at every stage of planning, preparation and implementation. Together, we will create an event that will remain in the memory of a deaf, blind, wheelchair user or mentally disabled person for a long time.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Organizer support in terms of availability - Deaf's World Foundation

Live subitiles at the event

A very niche branch of availability. We will make subtitles for all kinds of events. Why are subtitles needed? They support the reception of readers. They can be displayed on screens, on specially prepared tickers, we can also put subtitles during on-line transmission.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Live subitiles at the event - Deaf's World Foundation

Live audio description, preparation, recording and AD 

In cooperation with friendly organizations, we can guide you and support you in preparing accessibility also in other areas, not only for deaf people and people using sign language.

Live audio description, preparation, recording and AD - Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Live audio description, preparation, recording and AD - Deaf's World Foundation

Conducting training in sign language 

We have over 1000 hours of experience in conducting training at various levels of advancement. Thanks to the help of native speakers, learning sign language becomes a truly fantastic adventure in discovering the fascinating world of the deaf. 

In addition to training and courses for adults, we will also be happy to organize BOBO SIGNS training for infants or regular classes in schools for children and adolescents. 

We want you to be able to learn as much as possible about the deaf community itself, but in the end, so that you can become, so much needed in Poland, proficient sign language interpreters.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Conducting training in sign language - Deaf's World Foundation

Conducting audits for all availability 

Do you want to check whether the facility, staff, information and website are adapted to the needs of the deaf, hard of hearing and using sign language? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will check, advise and help.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Conducting audits for all availability - Deaf's World Foundation

Issuing certificates and attestations 

If we manage to cooperate with any of the above points, if you want to be able to be proud of acquiring new areas of availability, we will be happy to give you a diploma, certificate or certificate. 

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Issuing certificates and attestations - Deaf's World Foundation

Expert support

In all matters relating to accessibility and people with disabilities, we can help or obtain reliable information. Do not hesitate to decide to cooperate. Let’s get in touch and talk. If we can help – we will be honoured. If not, we’ll show you the best solutions.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Expert support - Deaf's World Foundation

Induction loop 

Technology that supports hearing impaired people who use hearing aids. An induction loop can be used both for a specified time, an event – assumed temporarily or permanently installed on the site. It is great support for people who may feel discomfort in public places, where the buzz from the surroundings makes it impossible to settle the simplest matter. 

We will help you choose a solution as well as in installation and maintenance of the device. Induction loop

Deaf's world foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Induction loop - Deaf's World Foundation

Conducting workshops 

We organize various workshops for deaf people. These are workshops, incl. in learning Polish in reading and writing, tutoring in any subject. We also train “soft” skills – savoir vivre, interpersonal communication, self-presentation. We also want to actively help the labour market. We support knowledge about employee rights, self-employment, and the opportunities offered by the labour market. We conduct workshops on specific technical skills that allow you to acquire your dream profession. 

In contrast to the aforementioned sign language training, we can offer workshops for very thematically specific groups of participants: for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children, for teachers, for people working with deaf people, for people who can and must contact signing persons, e.g. customer service employees, employees of shops, restaurants, service points, etc. We also invite you to consult us.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
Conducting workshops - Deaf's World Foundation

Individual support 

If you are a person in need of support, deaf, hard of hearing, grandfather, parent, student, child – we will help! We are committed to understanding each other in the best possible way and supporting those in need. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to find a solution in every situation.

Deaf's World Foundation (Fundacja Świat Głuchych)
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